Karachi Cantonment Board is carrying out a vigorous Fumigation Campaign in all its areas on regular basis in order to maintain a healthy environment and provide protection to the citizens from out break of diseases / Dengue Fever.



Day Weekly Fumigation Program
Monday Anwar Place, Iqbal Market, Staff Quarter Dolikhata Bazar Area, Supariwala Compound, Karachi Commander House, Flag Line
Tuseday Askari-II, Askari-III, COMKAR House, Flag Line, FG School, Jaddah Centre, Rainbow Centre, K.C.B Workshop and Staff Quarter, Karachi Commander House, C.S.D Market, Naval Height.
Wednesday K.C.B Office, Paradise Plaza, Shafiq Plaza, Director Office, K.C.B Rest House, Karachi Commander House
Thursday Yaseen Square, Moiyyedi Manzil, Rehman Plaza, Southern Society, Huma Height, Mayfair Centre, Director House, Cantt House, Karachi Commander
Friday C.G.H Hospital, Sweeper Colony, C.G.H Staff Quarters, Flower Line, Staff Quarters, Mubarak Shaheed Road Flat, M.E.O Compound Quarters, Dada Bahi Centre, Sea Breeze Plaza, Karachi Commander House, Dilawar Rizvi Sahab House.
Saturday Bizerta Line, D.Area, Hockey Club of Pakistan, Navy Flats, Umer Farooq Town Colony, Flag Line, Karachi Commander House.